About Me

Life works in strange ways and sometimes it is the strength from other people that can get you through.  They say talking to a stranger can have a profound effect; listening to one can too.

Good tonic is a podcast about everyday people; their stories; lives, insights, triumphs & tragedies.   By sharing their stories they hope to reach out to others to inspire, motivate, encourage and share.  We all have a voice;  we all deserve to be heard. 

I'm Louise Roke bringing you Good Tonic; I hope this podcast allows people to voice who they uniquely are letting out what is in is good for your emotional well being and I believe part of our human journey. I hope you enjoy listening to a weekly dose of good tonic; if you do subscribe to it wherever you listen to your podcasts. 

Living  in Auckland New Zealand among the birds and trees; the way I like it watching the ferries in the harbour go past with my husband and our 2 naked cats and an old furry moggie.     

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