• Louise Roke

Make way for the Tiny House Movement

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

As the housing market reaches non-affordability, the frustration rises. For many, owning a tiny house could be the answer they have been looking for, and what’s more, you can pick it up and go if you change jobs, lovers, study or just want a different view.

The lack of clarity around Tiny Homes and where they stand with the resource management plan and other acts need changing and clarifying.  People's desire to have their own Tiny Home legally is fraught with problems and the ideas of how we live needs to reflect the society and community we now live in.

See, the problem is, is that Tiny Houses have no specific legislation. They are a dwelling as much as they can be argued as a vehicle as well, due to having wheels and being relocatable. So some councils treat them as buildings that need full building code compliance, and others, as vehicles under the Land Transport Act. You can imagine the confusion!

Meet Julie Jacobson; a passionate crusader changing this for the good of all Kiwis. With her entrepreneurial business skills and humanitarian heart, she talks to me about what she is doing to change things for the future of the Tiny House Movement: https://open.spotify.com/episode/1IHEy8P5vN2qFzM5zi62DI?si=_5NNxyGMRzm3HEBM58KnUA

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