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Open Home Protocol 101

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Manners go a long way and it is no different when you go to an open home.  You are entering someone’s personal space, and in some cases, they have lived there their entire lives. So I just thought it would be a reminder, a good reminder, that when you do go to somebody's property that we bear in mind what we say and what we do.

Usually, it is respectful for all parties to take their shoes off and leave them at the door. Especially if the house is well presented and/or you get there and are asked to take your shoes off. You can expect that the person is trying to keep their house clean and tidy. It also could be a cultural thing as in Eastern Europe and Asia.

During these days, especially amidst an epidemic, a register of who goes in and out that property is also kept. So, therefore, I would say to you, if you're going to an open home, expect to give your full name, your mobile number and email address, and your address. Besides the COVID tracer app being a reason for this, the salesperson may have agreed with the vendor or the owner, that they will get some feedback about the property. See if they're interested, see what price point the person thinks it fits in. And that is why when you go to an open home, you have to expect a follow-up.

Another thing, quite frankly, is that it would be great if you could come forward and say what you expect. If you're going to open homes and you're not actually in the market, stay home. Similarly, if you're taking children to open homes (and by all means, do!), it is your responsibility to supervise them. If you can't control their behaviour, stay home and get someone else to look at the house.

I've also turned around once at an open home — and I saw somebody on the roof! I just about had a heart attack. I had to tell him to get off in a stern voice and watched him as he did. So please, you are not a builder. If you want to investigate, you're not to physically go up or press or prod on things.

The other thing that I wanted to bring to your attention is that sometimes I've had the old pain who lives down the road, who decides that every open home they're going to go to, they're going to say at the top of their voices: they thought it was a bigger lounge, the lounge is small, they didn't realize the deck was so small etc.

If you want to say that stuff, save it for when you go home. Save it for when you're in the car. Don't complain in front of these potential buyers. It all comes back to remembering that this is somebody's house; they are trying to get the most for their property. Putting down somebody's life's work and putting the salesperson in an awkward situation is just plain sad.

So again, please remember your manners and hope to see you at the next open home!


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