• Louise Roke

The China In Our Cupboards...

by louise roke

They say there is a whole art to doing business with China. It starts from not telling the whole story, nor the truth, dodging and ducking... When you know your country has a problem and you hide it even though it is a major pandemic, when you suppress your people from the rest of the world, when your countrymen are falling over in front of you with sickness and death yet you keep your Chinese whispers... So now we wonder how can we trust but it was obvious wasn't it? China has excuted a fantastic plan, a plan on such a grand scale that it has to be somewhat admired. To rule the world, and to plant the seeds and shape the dots; lead the horses to the water so to speak from one water source to the other... from fresh is best to foul and polluted.

How can you trust a country that goes around doing what it does to animals of our earth; that came here in all their majestic shapes and sizes. If you want to see a journalistic story on the wet markets and the cruelty and how the flu from all these poor animals mixed together like a bad broth; look at the Australian 60 Minutes one about the wet markets. The poor arctic fox scared as hell, ripped from it's environment thousands of ks away, the cheetah palpitating at being captivated, the pangolins trying to protect themselves and forming a ball, ducks squashed in a cage so tight, snakes galore, rodents eating each other and they are all there to be eaten by humans. Kept in cages with their own filth to remind them who they are and where they are from and the world has stood by for years with this knowledge.

This is OUR world every single person has a right to the planet, to the goodness it provides; the fresh air, the trees, the outdoor spaces, the clean rivers, streams and sea.....how did we let this all happen? We didn't put our foot down to what just a handful of countries are doing; taking away our future and more importantly the innocent children's future who have done nothing to get the world into this state except being born into it.

The reason why real estate is so expensive in NZ now is one reason the government didn't act fast enough (actually let it go on for years) when any person just waltzed into our country and realised that this is paradise; they had money in their pocket or cheap cheap money to lend and bought up. No questions asked at all. With that came all sorts of problems, crime, money laundering, fraud; the heart of a country was being ripped out and trodden on. We were so gullible and those who wanted to speak up about it were called racist. No one cares actually what the person looks like, what language they speak and where they live. What they do care about is what is their bottom line in their life and the way they live. Does it mean, take, take, take at all costs and no giving back. This one way relationship whatever type of relationship it is will not be sustainable.

We do not need cheap Chinese rubbish to fill up our lives; I hope the lockdown C-19 time will make people think twice about their consumerism; their habits that when formed together have a force so great it pollutes our water, our air, our minds and bodies. What a sacrifice; if something doesn't make you feel naturally good then it isn't.

So let's support our local businesses, our local manufacturers, let's get together and brainstorm and mentor, and share to help each other go to a new world where it is simple and real and good. Think twice who you do business with. Once you sell your soul you have nothing left; you have gone to a place that there is no return and that is not as you may think at the beginning for the sake of the almighty dollar going to provide you internal fulfillment.

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