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Whose Dollar Is It? by Louise Roke

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

It's an interesting transition becoming a middle aged women. Slowly you disappear and to be honest I've had my fair share of going down the gurgler. Car salesmen who talk to husband and ignore the banker (how rude, the gym junkie who was too busy looking at himself - that's another story; a goodie I'll save for later).

Nowadays I may be doing 1001 things so I sometimes dress in what's comfortable as I may be going for a walk before or after etc or have renos to go back to. Plus it may be a case of braving the weather and the traffic to go and see what I need to go and see and do what I need to do.

It's one of those things; that sales people either aren't trained in or don't give a stuff. What things I hear you say am I talking about?

Well quite easy - who has the dollar?

The customer usually has the dollar right? I mean most of the time when you have gone to the effort of actually going into a store or retail/service premises of some kind you are going in there because you have probably heard about it from a friend or acquaintance or have been doing some research about a product or something you need to get done.

So you enter this place of business (I'm focusing in this blog on actually walking into a retail shop or service provider business).

There is nothing worse in the world if you are met with a rude or uninterested person behind the desk; one that barely looks from her screen and her lip sort of moves on one side as a bit of a grunt. That's supposed to be an acknowledgement of good morning how are you but in a different lingo.

Let me ask you a question. If you were running a business why wouldn't you care about the one person who directly interacts like no other person probably, with the customer?

Why is it that you are willing to pay all this money in advertising where your biggest opportunity is sitting on the chair at the front reception or/and walking around the show room (whatever the case maybe).

Crazy I can't understand it. In fact one of my pet hates is bad and rude customer service. If I encounter it I usually say to myself, "Oh surely that must have been a moment; I'll give them another go, they must have been stressed," or whatever. However, if it happens a couple of times I've got to take a step back and assess the situation.

The dollar is something that comes about from an energy source. Most people have done quite a lot in their life to have that dollar in their possession. Some have studied for years and paid for their education, some get up early in the morning to go to work for pittance, some do shift work, others put their children in day care and rush around to get to work. So the dollar does have a background to most of us. I can say I've done all the above.

It never ceases to amaze me how sales people (and yes we are all sales people whether we realise it or not) don't seem to actually listen to a customer and if you have someone who clearly doesn't sincerely care about assisting them then why have you employed them?. However you have to take some responsibility - are you aware of how your staff treat the customer? Do you need some damage control?

There's all sorts of training you can do to assist your staff but take a look at yourself and how you are running your business. Are you really looking at how you can help each and every customer give over their hard earned dollar? Are you appreciating that it is your business that they are coming to? Do you really realise that this annoying middle aged women who often asks twice as many questions (women are always trying to learn and keep up so want to stay informed of things they need and research what is best for them or their family) is the decision maker and often the person with the money go spend?

What about all the people you lose from that one person that walks out or who isn't satisfied and doesn't come back?

Why would a business be so obsessed with getting new customers when they had them; right in their palms.

I've even seen some businesses who don't give a stuff yet spend huge amounts of money on tv adverts, radio and letter box drops.

The incredible thing is in all of those messages one of the main things they were advertising was how wonderful they were.

Anyway, check out my rant and ramble on my good tonic podcast The Customer the story behind the music (something like that the titles called - see the good tonic podcast tab on this website). THIS PODCAST IS DUE TO BE RELEASED IN AUGUST 2019

Every dollar given to a business should be appreciated - you chose them!

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