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Thinking Property During Lockdown

So what happened during and after lockdown in NZ with the property market? It stayed buoyant and in fact people were so glad to be in NZ and those that weren’t here and were from here but stuck in the world somewhere else pined for the place. NZ now has 5 million people… others from across the world would be saying that is so tiny but for us when we have been this little dot on the bottom of the world, in fact not even featured in some world maps as the comedians pointed out it is a huge growth period.

So people want to buy properties to live in the pretty natural and incredible way we do with our environment. We treasure being able to go anywhere in NZ and within minutes we can probably have trees and parks, playgrounds, water at our fingertips….

We can only talk about today and each day in a changing world. Firstly I want to recognise those seniors that had a totally isolating time. During this period lots of property decisions were thought about as our environment is everything it affects us on deep levels. Has the house got what we want? Does the location provide what we need? .

When we get older it is important to be able to meander down to get some human contact… contact can be in the form of seeing people, a smile, talking to the lady at the shop. Yes they were all heroes going to work and keeping us fed and chirpy.

Lockdown wasn’t easy for many people, particularly those that are in their retirement years. The loneliness and isolation away from usual activities, family, friends, clubs and even the shopping hub and supermarket disappeared rather overnight. The shockwaves of only having the telephone and not any face to face contact could be felt as most things were on the internet but of course many older citizens don’t have access to that thus me still believing in good old fashioned newsletters to reach that part of the community. NZ of course can be very thankful that we came out the better for it as a country. I hope you have been out and about since level 1 and are ok.

During this isolation period many people made property plans, some decided that they loved their houses others got sick of the sight of their own four walls and made plans to sell, renovate, redecorate, upsize, downsize, move away from the city or move into a retirement village. Some thought it was an opportunity to hit the road and go and explore NZ for awhile. People lost jobs, lost businesses others created new jobs and businesses.

Whatever people decide to do, sometimes the hardest thing is the starting point. Looking around at your property and all the jobs that may need doing, the things to sort out, the personal items that perhaps haven’t been touched for years. It’s all emotionally taxing and overwhelming but it can be liberating too to make a decision and take one small step at a time towards your desired outcome. What I say to people is “What are you trying to achieve?” eg. I want peace of mind, I don’t want to have to worry about maintenance and large gardens, I want safety, I want to be looked after, I want a smaller place with no lawns, I want to take the money out of the property and use it.

Knowing where to start can be the very hardest of hard yards! It’s a bit like exercise - you can think about going to a gym or a class and know once you get there you’ll be fine but it’s getting there that can be the hardest. So if you feel daunted by the prospect of your next move and the HOW of actually organising it please invite me around for a cuppa.

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