• Louise Roke

Walk on the Wild Side by Louise Roke

Updated: Oct 12, 2019

Soaring silence of ones own inner voice and the birds that surround us

Recently I did a podcast with my friend Ollie about 8 days of exploring Stewart Island without seeing any other person. We talked about how nature is so important in the busy world we live in and everyone should take time out to get out no matter what weather it is. A short walk will do wonders, silence from such a deafening loud world is so important. There you will get a chance to just be with no devices beeping; it really doesn't hurt to turn off our devices and hear, listen to the sound of silence and just be.

Make time for you time; just you sometimes; you will be amazed how refreshed you may be.

It also is a time to find the joy in everything around. I know sometimes that when I walk I can actually hear the birds as if they are chirping in my ears, notice the smells of the pine or the manuka.

If you want to take it a step further have a little recording on your phone in my case the kookaburra in your pocket; I guarantee you won't be able to help yourself smile a great pick me up and when you need to have a laugh it's right there.

Achieving goals are just by doing one thing at a time and sometimes this crazy world has so many demands. A short stroll or in Ollie's case a longer 8 day hike (only recommend that to experienced trampers and always be prepared) gives a chance to recharge the batteries and direction.

Check out my podcast A Walk on the Wild Side..and remember life gets too serious sometimes so a bit of humour goes a long way.

Til next time; over and out.


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