• Louise Roke

When You Cease; You Seize

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

The more we think about doing something the less that we will do. A problem that our society has is over analysing every little thing that we think and do; I’ve met some people who can’t do a thing until they have hashed it over and over in their brain and on it on it goes. Where’s the joy and spontaneity in that? If you are on of those people set yourself up to be ready at the helm and don’t stick to any rules; in fact break out of the rules. How do you do this?

Don’t rely on other people - yes it is always soooo great to go for a walk or the gym or a jog or bike ride with other people. However, if you rely on only doing exercise with that friend or your partner etc are going to join you; you are allowing yourself to make an excuse when they can’t go. The key to exercise is just do something. Have your clothes at the ready to go carry them in the car; or in your bag. I recommend getting a very small backpack - in that I always have my water, my umbrella (yes you can walk most of the time rain or shine), a hat and spare thin thermal or similar, Summer sunscreen and also it is room for me to put my ipad (so I’m not leaving valuables in the car).

I always have a pair of runners in the car and a half vest type jacket so at any point in time I can throw on my shoes and walk the walk.

The more you think and plan sometimes the less it happens. The hardest part of doing exercise and god help me I need to desperately do more; is the planning and getting to where you are going. The trick is if you are going somewhere think about how you can stop somewhere on the way or way back that is a lovely place to walk eg a park, the beach, quiet streets etc then you can throw on your stuff and off you go power it out for 30.

I do some every day. It is an essential part of my day; without it I feel absolutely stir crazy. My dad is the same. That’s why he is still going strong; keeping the body active if you cease to do this you will literally seize up. Once you have seized up it is like an engine that has it is near on impossible to get to the working functional state that you once were.

It is the difference between getting older and still being able to do anything you want; travel, climbing and hiking etc.

It is also a natural anti-depressant; the chemicals released in your body from walking along has amazing natural therapeutic benefits for your body, mind and soul. .

The best time spent with a friend rather than sitting having that coffee; suggest “Hey why don’t we walk from my place to the coffee shop” and you will be amazed at how you talk and how much better you feel.

Sometimes you will be lucky enough to find a movement or sport that you are really passionate about and think outside the box. Sarah the pole dancer podcast knew she loved dancing but it was only when she got out of her comfort zone that her life transformed.

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